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Miserable Les Miserables

For the upcoming film for “Les Miserables”, Claude-Michel Schönberg - the composer of the music for the musical - has decided to write another song for the film. Now this decision has had contrasting views from all angles but is it really that bad? Let’s look…

This isn’t a bad idea because….

  • New music is always great and can entice other audiences!
  • It may just be a song already featured just repeated with other lyrics so why not?
  • If good old Claude wrote it then it will be good!
  • Les Miserables needs renovating as it’s been going for 25 odd year!

This is a bad idea because….

  • It’s unnecessary and is not the safe Les Mis we all know!

  • Adding songs into original shows never goes well!

  • The production is already tremendously long, if the film is of similar length it’s going to be ridiculous!

  • It maybe a bad song!

  • It may get bad press and off put many due to aforementioned press.

Now i’m not going to right an effusive or abusive letter to Mr. Schoenberg or any of the other people affiliated to the film but i think we’ve all got to weigh up the pros and cons  of the matter. It’s a gamble but if it pays off then great but if not then thank god most songs are only 3 minutes long…. 

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